Wednesday, November 30, 2005

my 1st post

im so new to this blogging thingy. why i need it? for 1 simple reason: i just need someone or somewhere for me to pour out my thoughts and feelings. especially at this moment of time. im feeling very down. i see no life ahead of me. no future. there are so many things i have to face while im only in my 20s. but blame it on me. i know what i did was wrong. guess the saying "what goes around comes around" is so true. in fact, im facing the retribution yet no one knows about it.

today, 30 Nov 05, i should be happy as i got my pay increment. im confirmed as part of the company as of 1 Dec 05. at 1st, i was delighted about it but when i learnt that there is nothing to be happy about as i still have the rest of the problems to settle. but the confirmation today made me feel relieved that at least i got a stable job. im just afraid that if i tell the company about my problems, it will affect my job. *sigh*

the story begins in the next post . . .


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