Wednesday, November 30, 2005

the story 1

im attached to this loving guy, A for 5 yrs or so. hes my 1st guy. i truly can't loose him no matter what happened. but about a year ago, a friend B came into my life. hes so close to me until he got the wrong idea that i got a thing for him, knowing he got a thing for me. but as time went by, his care and concern moved my heart. i can't repay his kindness or what he've done for me. i tried many times to reject his love but no matter how hard i tried, he still wait for me. so out of kindness, i treat his as someone special. we got so close that everyone thought we are together. to him, we are together. i can't afford to say no when he ask about us so i have to say "yah, we are." so now, im with B while A doesn't know a thing at all but B knows im with A and yet he don't mind about it. soon, i slpt with B, knowing it's wrong of me to do that. i felt so remorseful after that. i wish i could turn back time. but its all too late, im in for it. we went on for about a yrs or so. i grew tired of the life im leading. i have to juggle 2 guys. it's ain't easy. moreover with work and family. i tried to let go of B but he's so im love with me that he no longer care what's gonna happen if A knows about us. im so exhausted. i love A not B but B is always there for me no matter what. i know what i did is hurting everyone including myself. i just want a simple and problem-free life but things got so complicated. but the worst is yet to come.

story 2 continues in the next post . . .


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